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Increasing the conversion rate for online retailer Sage Skin Care. 

When Barbara, the owner of Sage, came to me in October of 2017, the company was hanging on by a thread, literally. After 20 years of selling skin care products online revenue began to decline. In just 10 years Sage gradually dropped from over $300,000 in sales annually to $118,000 in 2017. The problem was an extremely outdated website with no apparent way to convert shoppers visiting the online store. Even worse, Sage wasn't keeping contact with any of their existing customers. They were simply sending deals. With no real conversation going on sales began to drop. The only option for Barbara was to figure out a new strategy to increase sales and turn the operation around.  

Our focus? Increase conversion. 

With zero funds for marketing we honed in on converting the the 100 or so visitors that were hitting the site on a daily basis, reengaging with existing customers, leveraging those relationships to bring in new clients & seeking out strategic partnerships with key influencers in the industry. 

The agenda was...

  • Design a shopper flow that would convert.  
  • Create convertible content. 
  • Reconnect with every single existing customer to leverage new opportunities. 
  • Form strategic partnerships with key players in the skin care industry to bring in warm leads. 

In March of 2018 we relaunched the new Sage website. Within 28 days of launch we increased conversion by 6.6% and revenue by a whopping 65.5%

Increased conversion by 6.6% and revenue by 65.5% in 28 days! 

increased conversion rate for sage skin care by 6.6%

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