Hey there! I'm Matt Mattson.

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You probably know that by now! And you're probably wondering why does this guy keep telling me his name? The real reason is we don't know each other on a personal level. It's my job to convey to you who I am and it's my job to learn more about yourself. 

Business is not about a transaction. Businesses exist to help people solve problems. 

I, Matt Mattson, help you figure out how to build a profitable business. How? By creating a Honeypot. A Honeypot is when you've built a loyal customer base that keeps giving back and back for many years. 

Now you're probably wondering if I'm capable of doing this. The answer is yes. 

At this moment I'm not going to delve into each marketing role I've held in the business world, but if you're curious you can head over to my LinkedIn page to check those out. 

Now you're probably more curious about the projects that I've done over everything else. Bad news, that web page is currently in development. However, if you are looking for specifics I'd be more than happy to send you information on the projects I've worked on.  

Story telling is one of my favorite things to partake in. Currently I'm working on my first ebook, details coming soon! Until then you can check out my blogging activities over on Medium. One thing I'm passionate about is helping people realize their potential, including you. It's actually part of building a loyal customer base, but will walk through that process later on. For now you can head over to medium to read through my stories. I post on a regular basis (2-3 times per week) to keep content fresh and relevant. Enjoy! 

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Look, I know we are in the age of the interwebs. Anyone can make shit up! That's why I'm keen on us getting to know one another before we even begin to discuss working together. Please feel free to inquire about the projects I've worked on and don't hesitate to ask me for references, I certainly will ask you! 

Now for the personal stuff...

Reside in Denver, Colorado.

Love camping & snowboarding.

Happily engaged to my best friend Marie. 

Owner of 2 awesome cats. 

Are you ready to create your Honeypot?