You could be homeless

In fact maybe you should see what its like to be homeless. Feel what its like to have nothing for a change. No food. No running water. Nobody to rely on except for yourself. The only possessions you have are your clothes and thoughts. 

You feel empty. Everyone turns away from you. Why should they share what they've earned with you? But you don't want their money. You want an opportunity. 

What's wrong with this picture is people don't know about the troubles you've gone through. The pain you suffered. The bad influences in every step of your life. You can't seem to catch a break.

Until one day someone gives you the time of day. A chance at life again. Finally someone to help you. There is no way you're fucking this up because you know this is the chance you've been waiting for. An opportunity to prove yourself to a society who's banned you. Viewed you as a rat in the streets. A shameful person who begs with a cardboard sign. 

All you ever really needed was a fighting chance. You spent 28 years of your life fighting to get out of the environment you grew up in. You swore to yourself that you'd never become the people around you. People who didn't see the happiness in life. The joy of loving yourself and being able to love others. All you ever wanted was love. To do good. Live a simple lifestyle where you could help others. 

Not once did you let society get to you. You rose up when the opportunity came. You were fearless because you know you'd already been at the bottom. Falling further wasn't possible. Pain became numbness. You pushed passed all the screaming voices. All the hate. The shame. The abuse. You rose up because complacency was never an option. You survive. You succeed. 

While I've never been homeless I've come close several times. Not having a dime in my bank account, negative balances. Picking perfectly good food from store dumpsters because I couldn't afford groceries.

After I graduated high school I had to financially support myself throughout college. There was no fallback. Failure was not an option. I couldn't just call up mom and dad for some money.

Evicted from my apartment for not being able to pay rent. My car was repossessed for late payments. At one point I was certain it was over. I couldn't catch a break. But there was someone who saw my potential. Gave me an opportunity.

Jeff I'm forever thankful that we crossed paths. You made me realize that anything was possible. Overcoming all the negativity was a simple mindset adjustment. Without you though I never would've realized that. Much love to you my friend! You'll forever be my brother from another mother! 

Have you ever been homeless? Close to being homeless? Then you'll know what it's like to want something so bad you feel angry inside. Angry at the world. When you flip that into happiness though, everything changes. First learn to love yourself. Then learn to love others. 

You could be homeless but you're not. Don't take for granted the opportunities given to you everyday. Don't be angry at people you don't know, it's a waste of energy. Take hold of those opportunities, because if you don't, somebody else will. Complacency, feeling comfortable with your life means someone else is better off than you. Be hungry, happy and think like a homeless person. 

Matt Mattson