The secret to making it through Friday

Friday to most people is the end of the week. Work. Work some more. And now you're sitting in the office waiting for 5 o'clock to role around. You're insanely tense. Concentration goes out the window. You're texting friends to start making plans. Shit, it's only been 3 minutes and there is still two more hours to go. The problem with this picture? You're life isn't balanced enough. Here's the secret sauce to making it through every Friday...

Make everyday a Friday.  
Change your mindset about the week. Change your routines. If you're waiting for Friday to role around to have fun, you seriously need to evaluate what's going wrong with how you spend your time each day. Plan little things throughout the week that are fun. Marie recently bought us a bench for our porch and we've been sitting out their a couple nights a week just chatting to each other over a glass of wine. Don't wait for Friday to have fun, live your life. 

Quit your day job. 
Maybe you're not meant to work 9-5pm every single day. Quit your job if that the case and find something more suitable. Complacency leads to stress. Stress leads to failure. Spend time with yourself. Talk to yourself and reflect on how life is going. Being unhappy is no way to live life. 

Hangout with friends during the week. 
Why are you waiting till Friday night to get together with your friends? Yes, everyone is busy during the week but if you plan something fun enough you'll break away everyone from the television sets. I cannot believe how many people spend 8 hours a day looking at a computer/phone screen only to come home and look at their tv screen for 3-4 more hours. Man there is unlimited things you can do with an extra 3-4 hours. Karaoke, start a frisbee club, start a gardening group, etc. Get some hobbies and live life during the week. If you reading this and saying well I also have to drive two hours to work on top of working 8 hours, well something is seriously wrong and you need to come up with a new game plan. 

Friday is great for most of us because we don't have to wake up early on Saturday. I get it. The secret to making it through Friday though is introducing more balance into your life. Make everyday a Friday. Quite your day job if you're not happy. And hangout with friends during the week. Come up with something cool y'all can do. A mission. Something to impact the world. Happiness comes from deep inside. Slow down. Remove the things from life you don't need. Small changes over time will allow you to truly live life, you just need to figure out what those small changes are. 

If you thought this read was the bees knees please show some love and tap that little heart right down thur. Cheers friends! 

Matt Mattson