The real reason everyone hates Monday's.

Ever wonder why you're so depressed when Monday morning roles around? The reason we hate Monday's is because we have a flaw in our mindset. Stop to think for a second. You've probably been saying "uh, it's Monday" for years. Well from here forward we are going to pretend that saying never entered our minds. First I'm going to show you why you've developed this mindset and then how to erase it completely. 

We get hate Monday's.  

Either you grew up in a household or live in a household that works Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm or you know someone who always says "uh it's Monday." Over years and years you've been conditioned to hate Monday's. Whether it be from family, friends, TV or social media you've been taught to hate Monday's. There is one exception. Some of you actually do hate Monday's. You hate them because you're unhappy. The reason you're unhappy is because of the job you're working. If you're unhappy due to work, stop and read this article I wrote last week on quitting your day job. For those of you who are happy but still hate Monday's let's move on. 

You hate Monday's because you've been conditioned to hate them. You've developed a negative connotation. A mindset. When someone asks you how you're doing on a Monday morning, your response is something along the lines of "it's Monday." 

Those day's of hating Monday's are over. It's time for us to recondition your mindset. The goal is to enjoy everyday of life because who knows how long its going to last. Every Monday you should be ecstatic.

Be thankful your alive. Be thankful for the people in your life. Be thankful for Monday's. 

The Monday Mindset. 

Learning to appreciate Monday's is simple. All we need is a reason to love Monday's. A reason that allows us to change our mindset. Go ahead, write your's down right now....

Struggling? I'll give you mine. I love Monday's because I love everyday of the week. What is a weekday, what is a weekend? Life is enjoyable no matter what the day is. Days are just days to me.  

There should be no end to your week and no beginning. Change your mindset now. If you're truly living life then there should be no start or stop. Everyday is just a continuation of the last. In fact be thankful it's Monday. 

Now your reason may be different, that's totally fine! Whatever the reason is just make sure it's written down. Then every week when Sunday and Monday role around read the reason you love Monday out loud. In fact read it 3 times in row. And then again when you feel like your Monday isn't going the way you intended or you're just feeling down. Read it over and over again. Keep the reason why you love Monday's close. Remember you're reconditioning your mindset. It's going to take time. You spent years learning it now its going to take time to unlearn it. 

Extra credit: The next time you hear someone say "uh, it's Monday," you should share the reason you love Monday with them. Part of doing good for yourself is doing good for others. You've been conditioned by these people and others over the years to hate Monday's. Use a bit of reverse psychology to get everyone in your office loving Monday's. See how many people you can get on board over the next month. 

We'd love to hear why you love Monday's. Share your reasons below in the comments.

Matt Mattson