The perfect person

Nobody is perfect. I'm not perfect. You're not perfect. And the person sitting across the room from you is not perfect. Why do we believe perfection exists? 

We are exposed to perfection daily. 

Look at the life of most actors, athletes, trainers, nutritionist & lifestyle coaches online. Everything seems perfect. Zero flaws in their daily lives. No pain. No struggle. Just success. It's because they don't want you to see that side. Their job is to keep you positive. Motivated. Eager to be perfect like them. Of course you want that life. What you're trying to attain simply isn't feasible though. Perfection doesn't exist. Living someone else's life isn't possible. 

These figures you follow on social media and in life lead a completely different lifestyle than you. Looking at their success is fine. But trying to replicate it exactly isn't going to help you. You're not an aspiring actor, athlete, etc. And even if you were, why are trying to be someone else? Don't you want to be yourself? Don't you want to live your own life? 

Live your life. 

You'll never be perfect, but you can be yourself. Living vicariously through others who are living their own lives will never bring you happiness. Focus on you. Live your life, not other peoples. 

Matt Mattson 

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