The secret to being a morning person

Joining the unspoken society of early risers will only work when you put a goal in place. I hear people all the time saying one of two things 1) I'm not a morning person or 2) I wish I could wake up early. Why? They've lead themselves to believe waking up early cannot be done. When you tell yourself you can't do something you set yourself up for failure. Change your mindset, set a goal and envision success. 

Change your mindset...

For me, waking up early is a the best way to set the pace for my day. Life is a rhythm. You must set the pace for the day. Otherwise you'll end up performing like a DJ who doesn't know how to beat match for the entirety of your day.

The first step to becoming a morning person is to change your mindset. Think of getting up early as a way to positively start your day. Often times we jump up in a panicked state and rush into our day. 

Set a goal...

Every morning I wake up at least 2 hours before I need to start my day. Everyday my goal is to be up 2 hours before my day starts. Now, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I'm up at 4am every single day because that's simply not the truth. There are some day's I need to stay up later and it throw's off my rhythm. Sleep is important and if you deprive yourself for to long you're going to end up being less productive and unhappy. Point being, make adjustments when necessary but try to stay in your rhythm regularly throughout the week. 

Your goal can be something completely different. The only requirement is you set one. Write it down and track your progress through the week. Once the end of the week hits evaluate how well you did. If you only hit 2 out of 7 days really reflect on why. 

Envision success...

Waking up early surely can be hard. With the right mindset and a goal in place though, you're on the right track to joining the society of early risers. However if you don't envision success it will never work. Every night before you go to bed think about you getting out of bed on time. Even go as far to see yourself getting out of bed before the alarm even goes off. When you don't envision success you end up hitting only 2 out of the 7 days for your goal. 

Every night I see myself getting out of bed successfully the next morning because I've got a goal and the right mindset. You to can join the unspoken society of early risers. Start this process tomorrow. Make the commitment now or you never will. 

Share what makes you an early riser in the comments below. 

Matt Mattson