You need to start doing this now. I did.

Whatever the idea is your thinking of, just start it now. Put the idea into action today. Seriously don't wait. Maybe you're wanting to start a blog, hit the gym more often, travel to another country, eat healthier or build a business. Whatever the idea is just start now. 

Ever run into this scenario where you think about an idea but never take action? Truth is we all do. Happens to me all the time. This very blog you are reading right now took forever to get started. I wanted it to be perfect. The posts to be well written. Problem is, I honestly was afraid of failing and not starting was my defense mechanism. 

But here I am. The blog is started and now I'm writing everyday. Heading into unchartered waters is scary, really really scary. But if you don't take a leap of faith and trust yourself, it's never going to happen. Just start now. 

Waiting means you're giving into your fear. Fear of failure. Fear of criticism. We play out how it's going to crash and burn before we even give our idea a chance. Stop right in your tracks. Take the first step. 

Don't worry about what other people think and don't think about failing. Both of those are feedback for you. Feedback you only get when you start taking action.

Failure is a good thing. You need more of it in your life. Failure means you're trying to improve. Use this as a measure for how hard you're really trying to make changes. The harder you try the more failure you should see. 

Whatever the idea is just start doing it now! 

Matt Mattson