Why little changes matter.

Everyday we are given a choice to wake up or stay in bed. Some of us hit the snooze button, while others push through the sleepiness and get out of bed. The choice is yours. Seems simple, right. Just get out of bed. Then why do so many of us struggle to get out of bed every morning? It's your mindset.  

Focus on getting out of bed every morning for a week exactly when the alarm goes off. Do whatever it takes to roll out of bed.No snooze. Use the Rocks alarm available in the app store if you need to, the alarm can't be snoozed.

Write down what time you got out of bed every single day. Then evaluate how much you accomplished each day. Maybe you didn't accomplish all your goals for the week because you needed to get up an hour earlier. 

Want to be successful? Then you're going to need to work a bit harder. Evaluate your performance. When your not making progress it's because something needs to change. In order to change you need to evaluate. Keep detailed notes. And take action! 

Little changes are what set winners apart from losers. It's the reason the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2017. You're talking about two of the leagues most tenacious teams facing off. Two teams who made history for making an appearance in the NBA finals for three consecutive years. You don't just wake up and win these games. You've got to work for years. Observe, evaluate and take action. These guys spend offseason after offseason making minor adjustments to their game. You wouldn't see them in the finals if they didn't. 

Start small. Over time these small changes will accumulate into bigger changes. 

I want you to commit to starting this process tomorrow. Write down what time you woke up for the rest of the week. And don't hit the snooze button. If you really want to hit your goals force yourself out the bed. Find something to get you going. 

For me its daily yoga. Yoga allows me to wake up peacefully and start my day with a calm mindset. Really think about this activity. You're setting the pace for the day. So make it simple and actionable. Another great example is making your bed.

Share the one thing you do first in the morning below in the comment box.