Driving traffic to your website is clearly not a problem for you. However, if you're like most retailers converting new shoppers on your website is difficult! On average...


At Honeypot we maximize your conversion rate putting you above average.


Convertible Content 

Good content brings customers to your website. However, if you can't carry on that interaction the shopper will bounce. We help you create storylines that keep shoppers engaged and lead to conversion. 



Walking into your local grocer you feel comfortable and confident because you know the layout. Shoppers online want to have that same feeling on your website. We use neuroscience to design gratifying shopping experiences that lead to conversions.  


Preventative STRATEgy

Abandoned carts happen because shoppers; 1. are trying to save a product for later, 2. are preoccupied and forget to come back, and 3. want time to evaluate competitors because they are unsure about the purchase. Our UX helps your shoppers out with all 3.  

Our Current Clients


In 28 days we increased conversion by 6.6% and revenue by 65.5%. 


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